Introducing Task Manager

Retain Team
July 23, 2022

At Retain, we are dedicated to serving the academic community and we are happy to announce our newest feature: the Task Manager 📚. We created the Task Manager as a way to increase student engagement and accountability and ensure that students, near or far, have a support system. With the ever-changing demands on students, the Task Manager assists in creating a centralized space within Retain for students to easily access their assignments and objectives.

With the Task Manager you’ll be able to easily send reminders for assignments and upcoming due dates, export to Excel or PDF, and coordinate tasks across your advising, learning specialist, or other support staff. The process of adding tasks is simplified via bulk import options across students, teams, or courses.

Additionally, students using Retain Mobile on iOS  📱have a dedicated task/objective page where they check items off when complete and get notifications for upcoming assignments.

Check out more information on our website at or contact us to set up a demo!

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